On the one Hand, but on the Other Hand…

StarBear, having the imagination only an imaginary spectre with an imaginary real friend can possess— and with gobs of time on her hands— sol dreams of costumes for a commercially-inspired holiday dress-up event.


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From Wikipedia:

“Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI)
Main article: Mars Hand Lens Imager
MAHLI is a camera on the rover’s robotic arm, and acquires microscopic images of rock and soil. MAHLI can take true-color images at 1600×1200 pixels with a resolution as high as 14.5 micrometers per pixel. MAHLI has a 18.3 mm to 21.3 mm focal length and a 33.8- to 38.5-degree field of view.[48] MAHLI has both white and ultraviolet LED illumination for imaging in darkness or fluorescence imaging. MAHLI also has mechanical focusing in a range from infinite to millimetre distances.[48] This system can make some images with focus stacking processing.[72] MAHLI can store either the raw images or do real time lossless predictive or JPEG compression. The calibration target (3-D image) for MAHLI includes color references, a metric bar graphic, a 1909 VDB Lincoln penny, and a stair-step pattern for depth calibration.[73]
[edit]Alpha Particle X-ray Spectrometer (APXS)
The device will irradiate samples with alpha particles and map the spectra of X-rays that are re-emitted for determining the elemental composition of samples.[74] Curiosity’s APXS was developed by the Canadian Space Agency.[74] MacDonald Dettwiler (MDA), the Canadian aerospace company that built the Canadarm and RADARSAT, were responsible for the engineering design and building of the APXS. The APXS science team includes members from the University of Guelph, the University of New Brunswick, the University of Western Ontario, NASA, the University of California, San Diego and Cornell University.[75] The APXS instrument takes advantage of particle-induced X-ray emission (PIXE), previously exploited by the Mars Pathfinder and the Mars Exploration Rovers.[74][76]
See also: Alpha particle X-ray spectrometer”


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