Ah, a New Article on Tardigrades

Milnesium tardigradum - Dr. William R Miller -...
Milnesium tardigradum – Dr. William R Miller – SNPDS1750 -JH5-1 (Photo credit: SaguaroNPS)

I came across an open-access article on tardigrades:

Integrated pathway modules using time-course metabolic profiles and EST data from Milnesium tardigradum

I thought I would try and simplify it for myself using this handy dandy tool I read about a few days ago: The Up-Goer Five Text Editor!  Here is the Editor’s opinion of the first paragraph:



It is exciting to think that so many people are studying these amazing creatures. Here is just the background summary from the Abstract:

“Tardigrades are multicellular organisms, resistant to extreme environmental changes such as heat, drought, radiation and freezing. They outlast these conditions in an inactive form (tun) to escape damage to cellular structures and cell death. Tardigrades are apparently able to prevent or repair such damage and are therefore a crucial model organism for stress tolerance. Cultures of the tardigrade Milnesium tardigradum were dehydrated by removing the surrounding water to induce tun formation. During this process and the subsequent rehydration, metabolites were measured in a time series by GC-MS. Additionally expressed sequence tags are available, especially libraries generated from the active and inactive state. The aim of this integrated analysis is to trace changes in tardigrade metabolism and identify pathways responsible for their extreme resistance against physical stress.”

So. Let’s try to simplify the Abstract Background, using a choice of simpler words given by the tool:

My choices for ‘tardigrade  includes ‘blue, horse, night, floor, red, shit, smoke’. Well, holy smokes! Let’s go with StarBear:

StarBears are multicellular(no other word) things, strong against all situation changes such as anger, need, light and cold. They escape these situations in a slow form (tun; no word, let’s go with quiet) to escape wrong to their ring form and to fix cell death. StarBears are then able to block or fix such bad and are then an important dream body for worry space. People of the tardigrade Milnesium tardigradum were burnt by cutting the surrounding water to cause quiet form. During this act and the next watering, metabolites were sorted in a time order by GC-MS.(What is that?) More marked order tags are present, especially libraries formed from the busy and quiet state.(Wot?) The focus of this whole study is to check changes in StarBear metabolism and show ways responsible for their weird escape from real shock.

This was just a tongue-in-cheek exercise.  Here’s an idea: read The StarBear Oddyssey. (and write a review!) How difficult can fewer than five hundred words of haiku be? It has pictures and a story.


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