Freaky Family

Lobo Lobo: Lobopod
Lobo Lobo: Lobopod

Some more family! Hallucigenia.

(I first read about Hallucigenia in Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms, by Richard Fortey, in which he mentioned that the animal was thusly-named by Simon Conway Morris in 1977.) Tunny has her own way of remembering things though…

Tunny Tardi:

My ou broer,

wat is dit wat daar buite ons grashuisie roer?

Ek vermoed dis ‘n geel gemsbokkomkommer…

Vriend Ferweelwurm:

Nee mosvarkie, moenie wonner,

dit maak jou net dommer

om jou se koppie so te beslommer;

dis net ‘n nagwolf op sy Daliesque gebeen

wat so verskriklik ween!



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