Little Red Brittle Star

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Now You Can Also

Smashwords Edition

…read it at Scribd. It’s like “Paradise Lost in haiku”.

(H/T to Peter Dickinson for that phrase! An interesting essay. Ah, some reading to do.)


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An EpicUrsoiAn RAPsodicAl OperA

EpicUrsoiAn RAPsody
EpicUrsoiAn RAPsody   (H/Tto Avril Levigne’s Rock N Roll)

O Hey, EpicUrus: the epic StarBear enjoys listening to space music as she dreams her own space opera… a modern StarBear opera would be out of this world…

Margaret Atwood,  is writing an opera! This will be interesting, I’m sure.

See Messier 82
See Messier 82 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Proof that Gods Exist!


In case you cannot see her magnificently author-graphed belle BeLieButton, here is a close-up:


We had a wonderful time last night at Neil Gaiman’s Ocean At The End Of The Lane event! The talk was sparkling, the audience questions interesting, factoids to be investigated further identified ( cheeses to be tried,etc); our signing got drafted early…we left bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. What a pleasure people of the book is!