Bear on a Bicycle

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Freaky Family

Lobo Lobo: Lobopod
Lobo Lobo: Lobopod

Some more family! Hallucigenia.

(I first read about Hallucigenia in Horseshoe Crabs and Velvet Worms, by Richard Fortey, in which he mentioned that the animal was thusly-named by Simon Conway Morris in 1977.) Tunny has her own way of remembering things though…

Tunny Tardi:

My ou broer,

wat is dit wat daar buite ons grashuisie roer?

Ek vermoed dis ‘n geel gemsbokkomkommer…

Vriend Ferweelwurm:

Nee mosvarkie, moenie wonner,

dit maak jou net dommer

om jou se koppie so te beslommer;

dis net ‘n nagwolf op sy Daliesque gebeen

wat so verskriklik ween!


Eau de Vie Pur Fume

eau de vie: chartreuse merveilleuse
Pyrrhic perfume: eau de vie: chartreuse merveilleuse, concept design CC-BY Michdevilish

Well, if Kazimir Malevich can have one, so can out-of-this-world StarBear!


Friday Frustule

Let it RIP
Let it RIP: Is that you Skorp? It’s me, StarBear…

H/T to Cells Retrieved From Stratosphere Are Alien Life Scientists Claim (Discover Blogs)

Wishbone Wednesday

Of Clavicles and Furculas
Of Clavicles and Furculas

StarBears may not have furculas, and cannot fly, but they do have pharyngeal bulbs…in fact the entire animal resembles a developing foetus.¬†

from Pharyngeal Arch wiki

Do you wish to bone up on your tardigrade facts?

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