BugBear’s Bypass

Maybe it’s BugBear’s cousin.

H/T: NASA image of Pluto’s puzzling spots.


StarBear Sensory Schematic


Behold the StarTAunticulus Map!

1: StarBear’s very sensitive imaginary sabre teeth
2: Fairly short feel ‘armlessness, reminiscent of the Tyrannosaurus Rex problem
3: Large feet, fit snugly in mouth
4: Tentacles: ask a Tardigrade specialist! (The cat’s whiskers, I tell you!)
5: Big Eyes
6: Very sensitive EyeBrows
7: StarBear flowing hair (The StarTroll Up-Do hairstyle*, demonstrated here by AstroKarenN)
8: Very important, very sensitive belly button, inclined to mythical change in proportions!

Hat Tips to: Wilder Penfield‘s Cortical Homunculus, which you can see in The Natural History Museum here in London ( I did not take a picture, but here is one: Dynamic Diagrams/ The Cortical Homo?nculus/ Henry Woodbury) and you can read about it here: The Motor Cortex/ McGill University; and here: Mouseunculus/Carl Zimmer


*Styling your Hair the Game of Thrones Way (Tor.com)

Eyebrows Laser Dangers (Improbable Research)