Proof that Gods Exist!


In case you cannot see her magnificently author-graphed belle BeLieButton, here is a close-up:


We had a wonderful time last night at Neil Gaiman’s Ocean At The End Of The Lane event! The talk was sparkling, the audience questions interesting, factoids to be investigated further identified ( cheeses to be tried,etc); our signing got drafted early…we left bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. What a pleasure people of the book is!

StarBear’s BellyButton Found!

All Belly Buttons come from Africa...
All Belly Buttons come from Africa…Check out Cmdr Chris Hadfield’s tweet to see this African meteor impact crater.

Unleash the Krater!

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…on a tangent: there is an expression in Afrikaans: Om ‘n krater van jouself te maak, which translates to making a bellybutton? of yourself…the Greek definition sounds like more fun.

Hat Tip to the micro biome in each and every belly button, and to the inspirational teeny flightless feathered dinosaur,



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