Droppings for Solstice

Bear Droppings
Bear Droppings for Solstice

Mmm: A popular Canadian candy. You can get Canada goose-, reindeer-, grizzly-, beaver-,  Santa-, loon-, bunny-, etc. but no StarBear- or Hanni&Ball- droppings … They made their own.


An EpicUrsoiAn RAPsodicAl OperA

EpicUrsoiAn RAPsody
EpicUrsoiAn RAPsody   (H/Tto Avril Levigne’s Rock N Roll)

O Hey, EpicUrus: the epic StarBear enjoys listening to space music as she dreams her own space opera… a modern StarBear opera would be out of this world…

Margaret Atwood,  is writing an opera! This will be interesting, I’m sure.

See Messier 82
See Messier 82 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Inuksuking on Sol 69

Inuksukon Sol 69,’ in Mars local mean solar time at Gale Crater, will end at 5:01 a.m. Oct. 16, PDT (8:01 a.m., EDT).’ 

There are ’93 inuksuit along Highway 69 between Sudbury and Parry Sound‘ (wikipedia)

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