Jejuner sur L'herbe
Jejune sur L’herbe

Just StarBear, Seed, Skorp and Opi having a little get-together…

(Apologies to Manet; h/t to Michael Quinion’s delightful article on World Wide Words)

Everything Went

Everything Went
Everything Went 

Hat Tip to Anything Goes…(seen at The Princess of Wales Theatre, Toronto)

Release The Inner Beast!

Honestly, probably the best diet ever for an imaginary spectre caught up in a dust storm: no impingement by bronchial defi(s)ciency or corpeuslacksis. No eating required, just breathe! Beware the Belly Button Beast who doth jumpeth forth from the abdomen (not the cheste :)) Breathe up a Dust Devil!

From “Long Breath Diet” (Apparently the rage in Japan at the moment):

(I cannot view the video; it is “private”)


  1. Form: Tighten your buttocks leaving dimples in your behind (check this by placing your fingers in the area formed by the compression)、place one foot in front of your body, crossing your legs, placing 90% of your body weight on your back foot.
    Avoid sitting on your hips、brining your hips forward and your head back as to form a straight line between your front foot and your shoulders. (not too much salt, 🙂)
  2. Hold for 3 seconds inhaling reading your body for full exhale.
  3. Using your entire body exhale strongly for 7 seconds (Making a sound similar to what you would put out throwing a shot put is effective)”

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