Friday Frustule

Let it RIP
Let it RIP: Is that you Skorp? It’s me, StarBear…

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Puzzle Sombrero: RompeCabezas Jueves

RompeCabezas StarBear: Dancing with Fire?

As a StarDweller, dancing with fire is a requirement… even if you’re footloose and fancy-free. Always say hi to Eukaryotic SombreBro’s 🙂

See the beautiful Sombrero (Beautifully distorted…click for a different view point)

Sombrero Galaxy: A United Nations treaty decla...
Sombrero Galaxy: A United Nations treaty declares Outer Space the common heritage of humanity. Garrett Hardin doubted the capacity of conscience to protect such commons areas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Wishbone Wednesday

Of Clavicles and Furculas
Of Clavicles and Furculas

StarBears may not have furculas, and cannot fly, but they do have pharyngeal bulbs…in fact the entire animal resembles a developing foetus

from Pharyngeal Arch wiki

Do you wish to bone up on your tardigrade facts?

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Tongue of Cheek

Jigsawing in Space
Jigsawing in Space

StarBear’s been having some more puzzling dreams…

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What were StarBear’s last words? (Answer: Victim, vict’ry gone)

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