Puzzle Space Piece

HourGlass Puzzle Pieces falling into Space
HourGlass Puzzle Pieces falling into Space– (CC 3.0 Unported picture in puzzle piece via ESO)

H/T to Bizarre Alignment of Planetary Nebulae (ESO)



A P/2010 A2-Shaped Haiku

a P/2010 A2 Haiku
A P/2010 A2 Haiku

Hat Tip to NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope suspected asteroid collision picture, and to Antoine Cassar’s Haiku to Mars article.

Spaced Out Cariña

Here is a diverting way to spend some time:  This Facebook Page‘s October 2012 Creative Challenge is to illustrate some pareidolia experienced by you when you stare at the splendiferous Carina Nebula. Of course, StarBear obliged.

Carina Nebula: Starbirth in the Extreme: Partial Capture from Panoramic Picture

is revealed to be this:


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