Concurring Catachresis

The Cat’s Alive! Curiosity Concurrs: Cherchez La Chatte in the Sandbox

As I wonder about that shiny little piece of duct tape? found near Curiosity’s scoop, my thoughts wander too:

Who let the cat out the bag? Outdoor cats are problematic — cats of crisis–:

catachresis is today’s‘s word of the day, used here in the appropriate manner… What’s important is that Curiosity did not kill the cat, right? Luckily there are only deus ex machina (which comes from Horace’s Ars Poetica) -feathered things on Mars

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Such Solitude

Such Solitude

Bringing samples home from Mars is not a simple thing:”Bringing Mars Samples to Earth: How NASA will do It” (via It is also expensive. Of course, we already have pieces of Mars on earth, brought here by meteorites.

NASA -Image Gallery: See Curiosity‘s travel pictures, currently through to Sol 57.