StarBeer Goggles

StarBeer Goggles
The Joggles of the StarBeer Goggles

H/T to beer goggles; word-of-the-day joggles; and wildlife crossings! (credit to Adam Fagen’s photograph)

Mmm, I am going to try to embed a facebook posting. Meh, didn’t work (I copied the embed code on the fb posting; maybe it only works the other way around), but here it is:


Puzzle Sombrero: RompeCabezas Jueves

RompeCabezas StarBear: Dancing with Fire?

As a StarDweller, dancing with fire is a requirement… even if you’re footloose and fancy-free. Always say hi to Eukaryotic SombreBro’s 🙂

See the beautiful Sombrero (Beautifully distorted…click for a different view point)

Sombrero Galaxy: A United Nations treaty decla...
Sombrero Galaxy: A United Nations treaty declares Outer Space the common heritage of humanity. Garrett Hardin doubted the capacity of conscience to protect such commons areas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Show’er Meteor?

XKCD’s Guide to Meteor Showers

Mmm: STARBEARID’S not there…Great balls of fire! (Jerry Lee Lewis)