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Of Clavicles and Furculas
Of Clavicles and Furculas

StarBears may not have furculas, and cannot fly, but they do have pharyngeal bulbs…in fact the entire animal resembles a developing foetus

from Pharyngeal Arch wiki

Do you wish to bone up on your tardigrade facts?

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Tongue of Cheek

Jigsawing in Space
Jigsawing in Space

StarBear’s been having some more puzzling dreams…

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What were StarBear’s last words? (Answer: Victim, vict’ry gone)

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Interesting Articles

Mystery extra-galactic radio bursts could solve cosmic puzzle (Nature.com)

Puzzle Space Piece

HourGlass Puzzle Pieces falling into Space
HourGlass Puzzle Pieces falling into Space– (CC 3.0 Unported picture in puzzle piece via ESO)

H/T to Bizarre Alignment of Planetary Nebulae (ESO)



An EpicUrsoiAn RAPsodicAl OperA

EpicUrsoiAn RAPsody
EpicUrsoiAn RAPsody   (H/Tto Avril Levigne’s Rock N Roll)

O Hey, EpicUrus: the epic StarBear enjoys listening to space music as she dreams her own space opera… a modern StarBear opera would be out of this world…

Margaret Atwood,  is writing an opera! This will be interesting, I’m sure.

See Messier 82
See Messier 82 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Ergo, Terrestrial

Id, Ego and Super-ego
Id, Ego and Super-ego: Don’t offend my Ego with your ID

StarBear was intelligently designed by her author.


Spaced Out Cariña

Here is a diverting way to spend some time:  This Facebook Page‘s October 2012 Creative Challenge is to illustrate some pareidolia experienced by you when you stare at the splendiferous Carina Nebula. Of course, StarBear obliged.

Carina Nebula: Starbirth in the Extreme: Partial Capture from Panoramic Picture

is revealed to be this:


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